Thursday, June 24, 2010

Over the paperwork!

One amendment after another and another and 3 sets of drafting later, the builder still got it wrong!!

The list started with 16 mistakes on the FINAL Drawings. That was take ONE. Most of them were then amended.  There was still some dispute with the staircase situation on the size of the void being bigger than the display home, thus reducing the size of the cloak room downstairs & the 2 bedrooms next to the stairs. We wanted that as per the display home but due to the drafting program, this could not be done, the cloakroom was cut by 40cm and only 20cm was returned. 

Since we indicated that we wanted the void to be smaller and this could not be done by increasing bedroom size, our builder decided to increase the size of the 2 pillars to make them bigger to fill the void!!!!! So,when we inspected the 2nd draft, we had to say NO and stated that if the bedrooms cannot be increased in size, there is no point amending the pillars to fit the size of the void we wanted. So, we would need to change the plans again!
In an attempt to hasten the process, I picked up the plans personally and Dave went through it that night. He spotted YET another error! The builder has amended the plans one one sheet and again dimensions differed from another!  YOU KNOW WHAT? We were really tired by picking up mistakes that should NEVER happen in the first place. I think its the drafter's job to make sure that all dimensions are right.

Not to mention that another dwarf wall that we had differed in size too; but it was explained to me, which at that point, I was too tired to bother much anymore.  All I wanted was for the plans to be good enough so the actual builders on site know what to do - and both items were about 2cm in difference, we don't want to be so picky, but what dimensions do they base the build on in this case?? If the paperwork stage still isnt satisfactory at 3 drafts and still had errors, I don't know what to expect when site start begins.

Anyway, the paperwork is finally out of our hands, one and a half week later from initial final drawings stage!! Fingers crossed, we will be informed if we will get site start on 30th June and we will only find out on Tues, 29th June!

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