Tuesday, May 17, 2011

17th May Site Meeting

Met up with the construction manager today and expressed our concern with the mould issue, they promised that the entire mould affected area will be replaced.  We will revisit this again next week and see if any mould grows back.
Today is supposed to be the handover date but SS only mentioned that we may be able to have PCI on 24th May.
More updates soon I guess.

Further Updates - what quality?

Garage door finally done.

Mould is still there.......

Tile Laying Skills, I think these tilers need to go for a course!

Holes in the skirting are just common here now.
Anyway, fingers crossed- quite over it now.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wall paper among other stuff

Here we are again, revisiting the wall paper option - this one is from Belgium, we knew this took our fancy but when we asked for a cost, my jaw fell to the ground! It will cost me over $1,200 to have this done on one wall including labour........

This is the safe option but we thought that STAND OUT option might be better...

This will be our sheer roller blinds going through various parts of the home such as the rumpus and toilets.. Whats so great abt them besides being affordable from Home Outlet, is that they are telfon free- who needs to breathe in heavy metals at home rite?