Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some works done...

We have recently added plantation shutters to the front room which really changes the ambience of the house- we loved it.

Also added some Laura Ashley wallpaper that my very capable parents did as a joint effort. Now, we have to change the lighting - got a pendant crystal light from Bunnings that had to be put up - and with the warm yellow light, things might look much better.

Nightmare hasn't ended

Only been here for 3 months and a bit, and here are more problems from what would not have happened if the house is done properly in the first place.
Leaks at the front door.

Leaks inside the house
Again, the list goes on from cracked skirtings through the house and render to bowed staircase and paint brush hairs stuck in the varnish.
Window frame twisted. Excess concrete in shower drains, and the list goes on and on.... about 40 so far.
Does get draining after a while.