Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baby Steps

I know it's been a long time since I did the last update, it is tiring trying to get things up while working full time, leaving us only the weekends to complete massive tasks. Plantation Shutters up and lights up in the front room - notice that my bookcase that I wanted is still not there ( not as cashed up as I would like to be!)

This is the family room - was bare with only the couch and table, newly added carpet, lights and my old bookcase did the trick.

This has been finally stained - u would see a cherry timber coloured dresser in my 1st few blogs. Good ole daddy did it for me and added some vinyl cloth at the top to hide the horrible top.

Mesh patio blinds are better than the smelly plastic ones that go yellow after some time, so this one's for the dogs! ( make them feel like they are in a room)

We had to hire our own scafolding and set this up and then the pain of putting all the crystals up from tangled up wires.... up to 400 pcs all hung up.

at last!