Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pre Plaster Inspection Report

Note that these are some of the items that have been listed on the report.
Concrete Floor Slab is not done properly so grout is used to make amends??

Something that they used to hold up a double storey house that can rot???

Comprehension of simple instructions - none??

Not done up to Australian Standards? I dont even know what to say to the few that I've listed on here.
it is disappointing - not to mention that we've been told we are up to the pre-plaster stage but we werent, so we paid for an inspection that couldnt happen fully. 

And now, we are told that we are on the waiting list for a bricklayer for the past 8 or more weeks and not one to start on our project yet as there are shortage of bricklayers.  In the meantime, all 7 houses in our court that has not started building when we did already had bricks on them..... How lucky do we feel? hmmm....

In case anyone wants to know, these people that we use for indpendent inspections seem pretty well- versed in their work - so its if you are interested.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dismal Sight

The heavy downpours and freak weather has brought about a good thing. From the puddles we can tell how unlevellved the slab and land is. We had a recent independant inspector come through and it is just disappointing to see basic stuff that was just done out of not being caring enough on the job.
We were given the info that the garage level is 10mm sloping downwards towards the house.
Have the workmen heard of a leveller? Even a city girl like me know how it works, that's how disappointing some things have turned out.

Here is the front of our house. It looks more like a floating restuarnt in Johor Bahru in M'sia than a beautfiul double storey home at the moment.

More to be posted on inspectors' report.
Watch out for it.