Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Inside Peak.

Things are starting to take shape inside. most of those considered good, with a few things to be amended.

A view to upstairs


Rumpus Room area - upstairs

Another view from the rumpus room area

Potential parent room; with a balcony.

One thing needs to be done on those roof tile capping, its broken..

A view looking  down

Kitchen Cabinets in - WRONG COLOUR....
We requested for Asian Sand which is light and got Asian Night which is dark!!

Still, looking good except for colour...... really dont like the colour..

A view from the family room

At least these colours are right; thats the portoloo room - toilet with powder room

Laundry Room Cabinetry
Thats it for the moment. Hopefully more to come soon... like the bricks on the outside of the house that seem to take forever!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

picture overload - plaster up!

Strange one - bricks half up and plaster already up...

Entrance room

Wall facing entry

Laundry Chute at the side - this is our linen cupboard. And this is the laundry room.

Famly Room / Meals


Media Room

Meals leading to Alfresco area

Ulgy looking crack in kitchen glass splashback - hoping it gets fixed!

Upstairs - landing area

Master / Ensuite.
Hoping that bricks get all done by Christmas and nothing gets soaked!

Bricks Half Up

Bricks are getting there finally!!

Glimmer of hope getting there.

Inside - wiring taking place - this is the wall of the media room

More wires...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A little glimmer....

I went past on Tues, 9th Nov and was a little more relived to see that bricks have been lined up - ready to commence! I was also advised that bricking has started yesterday so am going past and seeing how everything is progressing ...
Lots of backlog of items that we requested for is still not being given to us and we have also questioned Simonds on the addtional days they wanted to extend and have asked them for scope of works invovled, etc. Hope to hear from them soon.... if at all.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Disappointment.. how many more to come?

We were also informed on 8th August on site that Simonds was still looking for a bricklayer that can commence work earlier as all bricklayers have been booked out for the next 8 weeks.  On 19th Aug, the builder rang to inform us since there had been a shortage of bricklayers. It has been It has been 16 days later when Simonds rang again to advise about the possibility of getting bricklayers somewhere else and would let us know again. We received another email on day 26 and a call on day 27 advising us that Simonds was still waiting for a bricklayer and that we are on the priority list. Day 33 – we were informed that they are still waiting on a bricklayer. 47 days into the waiting, we sent an email to ask about other items as well as a bricklayer and was not given more info on bricklayers. Into the  55 day mark,  we were told via email that bricklayers once found, would be attending to our home, but was not given a start date as yet. 68 days later, on 27 October, another email has been sent to us stating that bricklayers are finally booked in to start in 2 weeks time.  We are more concerned about the time wasted in 68 days trying to book in a bricklayer.
Meanwhile, we were assured that because our house is wrapped, our frame is still good enough - look at this picture - sarking has fallen off and has been so for a while.  Simonds have not responded to our email regarding this at all.
This is sooo disappointing!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pre Plaster Inspection Report

Note that these are some of the items that have been listed on the report.
Concrete Floor Slab is not done properly so grout is used to make amends??

Something that they used to hold up a double storey house that can rot???

Comprehension of simple instructions - none??

Not done up to Australian Standards? I dont even know what to say to the few that I've listed on here.
it is disappointing - not to mention that we've been told we are up to the pre-plaster stage but we werent, so we paid for an inspection that couldnt happen fully. 

And now, we are told that we are on the waiting list for a bricklayer for the past 8 or more weeks and not one to start on our project yet as there are shortage of bricklayers.  In the meantime, all 7 houses in our court that has not started building when we did already had bricks on them..... How lucky do we feel? hmmm....

In case anyone wants to know, these people that we use for indpendent inspections seem pretty well- versed in their work - so its if you are interested.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dismal Sight

The heavy downpours and freak weather has brought about a good thing. From the puddles we can tell how unlevellved the slab and land is. We had a recent independant inspector come through and it is just disappointing to see basic stuff that was just done out of not being caring enough on the job.
We were given the info that the garage level is 10mm sloping downwards towards the house.
Have the workmen heard of a leveller? Even a city girl like me know how it works, that's how disappointing some things have turned out.

Here is the front of our house. It looks more like a floating restuarnt in Johor Bahru in M'sia than a beautfiul double storey home at the moment.

More to be posted on inspectors' report.
Watch out for it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Half wrapped!

We visited the site in Sat, 21st August, and saw the house half wrapped.
Apparently, there is a shortage of brick layers so its a waiting game....
The garage area.

The main entry

The window overlooking the front of the house.

The side window - potential pool room

The crevices for the fridge and the pantry area

the dunny! (toilet)

Back of the house - the theatre room.

The living area and the feature wall.

There you go. nothing more exciting at this stage for now.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Partial Roof

Pardon the grainy look - this was taken on the way home at 6pm, so it was really dark. Auto image adjustment didnt do it much justice I guess, but at least I can see a ROOF! Even though, its only the top, and not yet on the alfresco or the garage, its a start.

Gutter & Facia Done

The Fascia & Gutter is done over last weekend and here is a photo.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Tile Appointment - Saturday, 7th Aug

The tile saga continues here and ends here too. thank goodness.
We decided to use this as the bottom splashback to our ensuite windows.

That means it will be 20cm of the feature tiles and then the mirror above it and the side will be covered with the tiles. Simple and cost effective. We would like to do things differently but cash isnt on our side.

The laundry area splash back is the shiny one vs. the tiles on the floor for the whole house.
Thats about it for now. We went under budget for this so we can afford more money for the window coverings, which seem to be another big cost coming up!
Stay tuned for roof, fasica and gutter news next!