Sunday, March 27, 2011

yawnn....when is it all happening???

Something is done.... better than sitting there and getting mould.... The driveway is done, but not sprayed in the colour we wanted..yet.

Closer view of driveway.

Broken back window.

Cloak room - water damage - paint has peeled off - who knows what's happening or rotting behind that paintwork?

Hey Look, Mr mould has came out to play in one of the bedrooms!

And below Mr mould is Mr Peeling Paint... sigh. what else do we have to endure?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Updates -late March.. dismal results

Came back from 4 weeks of holidays to only peer through the window to see that the holes in the roof have been unmended although it was verbally said it will be done before I left..... hmmm.
Some new updates- Render is done, but not painted yet.

An attempt to fix the cut out so it actually is centralised..

The rails were put in.

Decking partly done. Can see holes through those.

hmm.. roof is replaced with floor tiles?

mirror's put in for ensuite

and common bath. Thats it. I would have thought handover being in less than 2 months, more would have happened!

Found in Singapore.. homewares worth a look.

Found all these in a mall in Singapore.
I would love to have this to dry my dishes, but was not able to bring this back... what a waste!

This one would be an option to put near the door where we can hang keys, slot letters and place our coats up.

Love this one better at the front door.

And these mirrors would look stunning grazing the wall leading downstairs- only a dream for now.

I sort of think these are pretty outstanding.
Anyhow, there were plenty to see but not enough to carry back to Aust!

Window Treatments

I finally arrived in Singapore and checked out the embroided blinds I saw, and they are too expensive I must say.. not to mention how I was going to tug blinds back over 2m long!

These are the choices of embroidered blinds from Korea.

I saw this one that sort of matcheed with the colour scheme of the house and was embroidered as well but they were curtains. Hubby didnt like them.

In the end, I went for this shimmery feel - curtains for the meals, family areas and the alfresco door.

This one we saw at Spotlight & were happy with but at $72 a metre, its ridicuoulsy expensive!
So, we managed to confirm something afterall!