Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Slow and hopefully steady..

Back of house, bricking is really too slow for my liking, builder rang to say bricks are 80% complete; doesnt look like that to me..

Pleased to see that tiles have commenced!

Ensuite - the mirror goes in the middle, quite happy with the patterns picked especially on a tight budget. A little pattern is better than none!

We picked gloss tiles for the bath area but not the floor.

Common Bathroom.

Common Bathrrom - Tub

Found this horrible looking crack going down in the laundry chute upstairs.
What can that mean??? yuck yuck.

WAIT! it gets better!  Holes in the ceiling in one of the bedrooms? Were they trying to find the lighting points? hmmm..

Paintwork has also commenced,  a light beige colour was picked through the house with feature walls in RETREAT colour.

Corridor leading to the other bedrooms.

If they spray painted the top, the ceiling has a little paint too!

Half mast bricks!! grr.... 2 months later, still the same

Front Entry in Rice paper glazing.
Thats it for now, hopefully more updates soon!