Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 30 - Frame Overload!

We met the site supervisor this morning before 8am to view the site on Fri, 30th July. We saw the frames!
After speaking with him, it was mentioned that the second storey frames will be lifted up by Monday and put together and by next week the roof tiles may be up!

That's the site supervisor opening the gate for us.
And the wood you see will be the frames for the 2nd storey.

That's our main door and our porch!

And that's the frame for our garage.

Front of the house; the window at the front.

The veiw from the front.

Alfresco area - the view into the backyard.

This is the alfresco and the side will be our theatre room.

Our fridge space.

Our pantry

The kitchen splashback

Entry corridor

That the entry for MY cloak room!!

This ugly looking frame will be the base for our future feature wall!

View from the side. The front hall facing the stairs.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Slab UP too!

I've swang past today and saw a couple of workmen out there, and guess what? The slab is up too!
With the rate that they are going, I'm all smiles at the moment. Am catching up with the site supervisor this Friday, 30th July to view the site.

Waffles Up

Waffles up! And so are the styroform! That's on the 25th of July.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cables Laid?

This was taken on Sun, 11th July - and was thinking to myself; hmm... still nothing to be excited over about. Getting over the soil bit, getting impatient, when is something happening? I think from the orange tape - that says electrical cables below, something is going on. Can't wait for 15th July to meet up with site supervisor!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

French Clock

Am eyeing this clock for ages - saw it at The Glen, it will be on my list and I know just where to put it!

Day 9 - Where's my drains?

I've passed by the land as we were informed that the drains are doing to be complete today on Day 9, Thurs, 8th July10. hmm... other than the soil looking messy and that someone may have buried 20 dogs on the propoerty, I really didnt see any drains...  Let's hope the meeting next week with the site supervisor clears up some things.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

1st Call from site supervisor

Our Site Supervisor rang today on Monday, 5th July & gave us a quick run down of what's happening with our works!
• Tues, 6th July : Concrete Piers done with 27 of them put in.

• Thurs, 8th July : Drains will be done

• Fri, 9th July : Slab Preparation – to take place

• Mon, 12th July : inspection – most likely to take place then. ( in a stage where there are the metal bits)

• Tues, 13th July : Slab poured

• Wed, 14th July : Fame delivered

• Thurs, 15th July : Frame work may start. ( delivery either wed or Thurs)

We will catch up with him on Thurs, 15th July and fingers crossed, all goes well!

Soil movements by the little man!

This is me, boasting our very own piece of land of 700sq m!
Actually, I probably am a little greedy, but thought it wasn't as big as I thought a land that size would be!

View from the back!

Being the little cautious first timers, we measured the land and made sure we got what we paid for!

Here is Daniel, soaking in the experience too!
What can a 2 year old do on a block of land while the adults do some work?
Throw some stones of course!

When he left, he said, "Mummy, I had fun on the land today."
Good start - postive vibes.. for now.