Sunday, July 4, 2010

1st Call from site supervisor

Our Site Supervisor rang today on Monday, 5th July & gave us a quick run down of what's happening with our works!
• Tues, 6th July : Concrete Piers done with 27 of them put in.

• Thurs, 8th July : Drains will be done

• Fri, 9th July : Slab Preparation – to take place

• Mon, 12th July : inspection – most likely to take place then. ( in a stage where there are the metal bits)

• Tues, 13th July : Slab poured

• Wed, 14th July : Fame delivered

• Thurs, 15th July : Frame work may start. ( delivery either wed or Thurs)

We will catch up with him on Thurs, 15th July and fingers crossed, all goes well!

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