Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wrought Iron Balastrading for the balcony we didnt have!

We signed our contract on 13th April and guess what? We got a balcony which we did not ask for. So here's another dilemma. Should we keep it or leave it as a Juliet balastrade ( French window style) as originally asked for..

So, we have some more options..... sometimes I don't know if its a good thing; during the colour appointment, we were given the standard - and I dont want it looking like a jailbird house so am getting these options to put through. I think ( the builder is putting this in with a timber hand rail) and I am not too sure about this but David thinks it might work. So we might be going along these lines - to be cont'd - after full disccusion. and costs of course.

Asian is the best.

That's the one! We eventually worked out to go for the daring... or its me, I want a frenchy cottagey look rather than a white kitchen that half of Melbourne has ( from what I seen on sites) so am picking Asian Sand. The casearstone top ( I thought might clash) but it turned out ok when I went to the gallery and had a look. See pic.