Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Disappointment.. how many more to come?

We were also informed on 8th August on site that Simonds was still looking for a bricklayer that can commence work earlier as all bricklayers have been booked out for the next 8 weeks.  On 19th Aug, the builder rang to inform us since there had been a shortage of bricklayers. It has been It has been 16 days later when Simonds rang again to advise about the possibility of getting bricklayers somewhere else and would let us know again. We received another email on day 26 and a call on day 27 advising us that Simonds was still waiting for a bricklayer and that we are on the priority list. Day 33 – we were informed that they are still waiting on a bricklayer. 47 days into the waiting, we sent an email to ask about other items as well as a bricklayer and was not given more info on bricklayers. Into the  55 day mark,  we were told via email that bricklayers once found, would be attending to our home, but was not given a start date as yet. 68 days later, on 27 October, another email has been sent to us stating that bricklayers are finally booked in to start in 2 weeks time.  We are more concerned about the time wasted in 68 days trying to book in a bricklayer.
Meanwhile, we were assured that because our house is wrapped, our frame is still good enough - look at this picture - sarking has fallen off and has been so for a while.  Simonds have not responded to our email regarding this at all.
This is sooo disappointing!

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