Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tile Gallery Visit - Preliminary Look

We visited the Tile Gallery over the weekend on 12th June 10 & pretty much came back with some certainty & some uncertainty. We quickly worked out the colour of the tiles that we wanted for the living areas; just a matter of gloss of matt; I love gloss and Dave loves the matt.

Here are some pics; colour swabs against the rest of the items in the house- the laundry cabinets, (dark piece) and the kitchen cabinets (white piece) the carpet & the circle bit depicts wall colour.

I only took the photo against the gloss tile because I loved it; but in the end, after some logical reasoning from the man, I decided to go matt. We have dogs and kids in the house and it will be slippery to have gloss tiles. the dirt and prints show up more too.
This picture has an extra tile which will be the laundry splashback.

We also have heard stories and witness the changing colour of white grout over time which can be unsightly, so we decided on a grout of the same colour. This pic shows the matt & the gloss tile put together.

Now on to the ensuite, which looks like this (above) we had to head back to the display home to get the bearings right. I love the tiles on the display home but they dont offer that anymore; what a pity.

And more tiling for the ensuite bath area.

We came across this tile and was thinking maybe we can line it up vertically on the top & bottom of the mirror; but realised at the display home that our mirror goes to the ceiling. Dave likes this light tile agasint the feature tile.

And I actually prefer this darker tile against the feature tile. ( as I find it suits the ensuite cabinets too)

Like I said, in the end - we had to walk away as we didnt have prices for these upgrades yet so at least we know what to expect. I would have liked more choices but there wasnt much to pick from. Guess we will have to decide when it comes to our main tile appointment on 7th Aug 10.

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