Thursday, June 10, 2010

Final Drawings... not final?

I got excited and a little unsure when I got a pack of documents from Simonds 2 days ago. They were the FINAL drawings and we were supposed to sign them as these will be the plans that they will use to build.

We went through them and found out these issues:

1. Site costs were $5k more than the provsional; we later found out that it was because there are easements bordering our property that the engineers found and due to this, we had to have piers built in and they cost more!

2. A little disappointed that we could not shift the TV point and add more double powerpoints to the house.

3. A few fine details were missed out on parts of the final drawings! ( I am not a detailed person by nature; and if I can spot these, I am a little worried.

4. This is pretty disappointing; our stairs were mis-quoted - see below:
Also our ordering estimator has brought to my attention that the internal stair case posts and stringers are currently pine. In the colour document you have chosen to have a clear finish to these pine posts and stringers. The estimator has advised that the posts and stringers are primed before delivery and due to this can’t be clear coated. He has advised that you will have to either have these painted in the colour of your choice or you can upgrade the timber posts and stringers to “Vic Ash” which is installed unprimed and can be clear coated. The cost for the “Vic Ash” stringers and posts is an additional $889. Please confirm what you would like to do.

We are just thinking, when will the hidden costs that keep on popping up end? We were shown a picture and we said ok - lets go with it. and now, we can't? I am waiting for a very valid response.

sigh... only when we rectify these, then we can send back the paperwork and start the process - looks like the 15th June site start is out the window now!

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