Monday, August 8, 2011

Final Inspection - 8 August

I have not been posting any updates as there are hardly any in the past few months, except that a new Building Manager has taken over my job & the SS has left ( thank goodness, as things were very slow under his care) Manager said to give him a weeks and he'll work through the 80 defects that we have. Indeed, this is now done!

We went through the house for our Final Inspection ( with wet floors) and except for a few small items, that is promisee to be done by the week, we are happy to accept the place! whew....

Kitchen  - pardon the darkness of the photo & my skills.

Theatre Room

Settlement will take place at 8am this friday, 12 Aug, and then I will be frantically cleaning on Sat & Sun! Appliances booked in for next week and we should have a place to call home by that weekend!! Yipee!

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