Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bits and Pieces.. making it livable - Stage 1

Here is a glimpse of our first 6 days living here, we havent had the dough for the furniture that I would love, so we are making do with whatever we had in our other home.. Looks a little sparse, but its going to be this way for a while... would love to have a rug, our coffee table ( wished I had a new one) is still in storage somewhere. and also, a plant at the corner with a ornamental ladder shelf. hmm, wishlist 1.

Hubby calls this junk, but am loving the white ceremic.

Study with no bookshelf or table. Wishlist 2. Saw a french provincial one but my accounting books dont agree to it at the moment.  Bookshelf to be around 3 meters along the wall that you can see, and study table to go along window on the right.

This wall panel was ( if you see my eailer posts) was bought Dec last year, but the order came through in Easter.... finally up!

After many attempts, hubby is happy with this clock. Everything looks too distressed to him, but he'll settle for this.

Dining area, overlooking backyard. Cant' wait for clothes line to be up!

Backyard needing a LOT of love!

Media Room with no media! I am glad we are not TV addicts, so its not a bad thing, having more book time with kiddo!

Little bits, at the top of kitchen cabinet ( on the right)

Little bits, at the top of kitchen cabinet ( on the left)

This also has been bought for a while, now under the stairs in the hallway, handy for wearing shoes.
Realised that it was a good thing getting things beforehand, as now there are so many other little things that we need to get, and like the saying goes, too many things, too little cash :)

Am going to blog my wishlist sometime soon!


  1. Glad to see you're finally in. Our Amberlea is close to finishing too. PCI on 6th. We're exhausted and tired of the dodgy workmanship they seem to defend. It's been such a battle (and to think I used to work for them). They are toxic horrid folk and I can't wait to have them out of our lives. Your house looks lovely with all your decorative pieces. Make sure you list down all your maintenance items and take photos for when you submit your 3 month maintenance list.

  2. Hey Brownyn,
    I know exactly how you feel, hang in there, hopefully PCI goes well for you.

    We are still trying to get things right 2 weeks in -they only managed to fix a broken lock after 2weeks and the shower door got jammed and fell out..... makes u wonder. :)

    Thanks for the tip - and make sure you air the house out a LOT - paint fumes are awful! lol.