Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nearly There.....

Here is our new home - not quite there but nearly.......

Rangehood and stove not in yet.

Theatre Room - empty for a while, projector systems are not cheap!

Here is our balcony view!

Our ensuite

Common Bathroom

Front entry at night - this is bad because all the tiles are smeared in concrete and cannot be removed despite my scrubbing, hopefully addressed soon.

like I said, its not quite there yet so expect more updates soon.


  1. Congratulations guys....your home is looking beautiful Just love the ensuite and nice views from there too. Hopefully the tiles issue is sorted soon.

  2. Congratulations ;-)
    I have enjoyed following your build & I love seeing on blogs when people move in & make the house home ;-)
    Hopefully they can clean your tiles or compensate you with new ones?
    All the best of luck in your new home ;-)