Thursday, June 2, 2011

What a Quality home.... Not..

Oh joy, here's the start of the great DEFECT LIST:
Problem 1: The bricks along the Right hand side of this house have not been blended properly as it has a different blend from approximately 1500mm up as can be seen in the following photograph.

The brickwork had been installed hard up to the underside of the roof beams around the Alfresco area.

Part Shrinkage Allowance for Timber Framing of the BCA requires that ‘In masonry veneer walls a gap must be left between the timber frame and the top of the masonry wall, including window sills etc, to allow for settlement of the timber framing caused by timber shrinkage. These clearances must be not less than 5mm at sills of lower and single storey windows; and 8mm at roof overhangs of single storey buildings.' The brickwork below these beams will need to be lowered to achieve the required 8mm clearance.

The end of the rear wall to the Ensuite needs to be rectified as it has been finished untidily

The bricks arent even cleaned at this part of the house!

The rendered sill below the Bed 2 door frame has been installed up hard to the underside of its frame and lacks the required clearance down from them.

Enough said.... meterbox not level....

The sections of exposed yellow polyethylene gas pipe protruding out of the walls have not shielded by violet rays. 

Most of the colorbond fascias around this house and garage have had their prefinished painted coating blown off them along their front bottom edges at the tension point where they have been bent in at right angles. The baked painted finish at this point along these fascias would have been fractured when they were bent, which leaves them susceptible to damage.

The beam to the front of the Garage needs to be rectified, as it is 15mm out of plumb.

Tiles are just laid regardless of what shows at the edge!

The front left hand internal corner of the Garage needs to be rectified as there is a large gap between the plaster and the brickwork.

Now, someone tell me if these tradies are qualified in the first place? This is the tip of the ice-berg, and other things include them forgetting one of my downpipes!!
I really am running of patience on this one.  We have not been told about extended times or given any indication of what kind of timeline we will be looking at. As a result, we now have to look for temp accomdation and put our stuff into storage and put our dogs somewhere else.  Talk about time organisation, I have absolutley no words at the moment....


  1. Not good!!! Call your SS & annoy your rep at least 5 times a day until u get answers!
    Sending good vibes your way for it hopefully to be fixed ASAP!

  2. Maybe..... it took them more than a week to respond to ans on papers - so its a guessing game on how long can we move in! :(

  3. Hi Elaine,

    I completely understand your frustrations ... I'm building an Amberlea as well. I sent you a FB message. Would love to compare stories!