Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lousy Organiser for a Builder ... Great Start

Yes, I 've been told Simonds stuff up and they have arleady - at STEP 1. the colour appointment blunder, lets call it.

We've rec'd a call in early Jan booking us for the 29th of Jan - and on the 25th of Jan, another call has been made to cancel, reason being, OH, the customer service lady shouldnt have rang you anway, the paperwork is not in yet - do you know who she was? I had momentarily forgotten but when the caller gave her name, it was her!! I was quite upset due to the fact that it was not easy trying to get Daniel baby sat for a longer period of time during the day and Dave and I have to work around our work schedules. No remorse and even after calling them to push it through, I had to call on Wed, 3.30pm to find out for myself ( no calls from them)to see if its on but its not. it was just a No, and thats it- Are u going to compensate for my childcare, No we dont do that- I wonder, What DO YOU DO if you cant even get simple paperwork right???

And now what, no follow up date to refix the appointment - DISAPPOINTMENT guys, something so easy, but yet too hard for a large organisation like Simonds. Yes, not on my recommeded list of builders!

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