Sunday, January 10, 2010

Simonds Gallery Tour

There we were on Sat, greeted by choices, choices & more choices. a headache is brewing already! Colours colours everywhere!

I absoloutely love this door and am hoping to get it ( subject to $$) and hope that I can get the baulstrate to compiment the grilling on the door. This is the classic style ( not the standard - so have to pay more) *fingers crossed!

Another BIG BIG dilemma, we originally wanted to go for Parchment bricks but seen some houses ( not too sure if they are 100% parchment) that have extremely yellow bricks - we want a lighter feel not a yellow feel! so we are examining our options to go for a darker house - and use chcolate bricks. The problems is both of us feel 50% towards both and being female, my preference changes all the time.

Here is our combo if we choose the Parchment bricks - a dark ironstone colour render ( see right of pic) and a dark blue steel colourbond garage door.

And if we pick choclate bricks, we will go for a lighter - beigy render and either a light or a reddish garage door. ( some sites have advised not to emphasise on garge doors and go more bland).

At the end of the day, we brought back home with us too many samples!! Where to start! We ended up going to the display home with them the next day and ending up with maybe going with waht the display home had at the start. We'll see I guess.

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