Sunday, January 3, 2010

Brick Selection

We are given this FREE choice of starting EVERYTHING from scratch and having that is a big headache in itself but its also FUN, not so fun when your partner have to agree on different tastes and the lot. Buying an established home is easy- you like it or you dont. Everything comes with it. We did that and that was easy - the tough part is now selling that nest that we have been dwelling in for the past 7 years. From the tiles and carpet/ wall colours to the type of window coverings, be it venetian blinds, plantation blinds ( my fav!) or curtains or roller shutters, etc, I can see it all coming like a big ball of EVERYTHING. And thats just the windows!
We managed to settle on the type of house and now looking at the type of bricks and then the roof ( which we have agreed) We are going to go with Parchment Bricks ( from Austral) but we have yet to see houses ( confirmed) with that brick - its funny how we drive past every light coloured brick house and try to justify that is parchment. Great start already.

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