Monday, March 22, 2010

Colour Selection DONE!

Its all done! The colour process is now firmed! See above- we will be going for the dark coloured bricks against the off -white motar. Stoneware render and Sambuca roof. To top it up, we will be going for a timber door with 4 panes of "Ricepaper" glass.

These are the colours for our vanity benches in the toilets and baths. A light pearl dust benchtop and loft oak cabinet doors.

Now for the kitchen area: I am a little doubtful on the dark brown splashback in hindsight, but oh well, guess it will be DIFFERENT...

And the compliment the warm tones, the brown carpet that we have upgraded one category up.
Other things include the stair baulstrate that we initially had as horizontal ones but didnt think that Daniel might be exercising this climbing skills on that one and we spent a significant amt changing it to vertical ones, which is worth it!
We ended the whole colour & electrical appointment at 6.15pm and was totally out of it by then, a great way to spend my birthday! At least I got to eat my chicken rice for dinner that night!

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