Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kitchen Cabinet Choices.. nooo..

After dwelling on the colours for the kitchen, I've decided that I cannot leave with the colours picked so we change a few elements.. splashback to a darker colour. almost brown, called Goanna Grey on Glass. Also, decided to streamline colours and go for a dark splashback and light cabinet doors and dark tiles, that sort of look.
HOWEVER.... I am split between picking a white ( Alabaster Lustre) which is not pure white but more creamy than paper, & has gloss or a French style look of Asian Sand - see pic - the sample on the left is Asian Sand Vs. Alabaster. Hmmm... tough one, I must say that the Alabaster would look FANTASTIC against the dark splashback. BUT. I have googled and found that everyone's modern kitchen ( 90%) posted have white kitchens too!
I dont want another white kitchen and decided to be more adventurous, and having found no display home to look at Asian Sand, I am once again not sure.
Another element that I have added is a waterfall edge to my island bench. This means that the benchtops would line itself all the way down ( hence the name, waterfall edge) to the floor. In this case, in my opinion, if it look bad, a good part of it would be covered so its not that obvious anyway. That extra piece of stone cost me $650! ( non functional) and David was not very sure that it would add anything to the house. It's fingers crossed till we sign the contract - cuz only then we will know the final figure and know if this is what we need to cut back.... hmm. the joys of unsureity. More for the house now means less for nice furniture.... what a trade-off; which is better........questions, questions and more questions.

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