Sunday, February 13, 2011

Plumbing taking shape

Its starting to take shape.. I am not going to think abt my roof at this stage. too scary!
Sinks are going in - thats the kitchen area.

Looks good - I think I might have to contact Claytons Kitchen to get another pc of board to cover up the are where the dishwasher was meant to go as we are not having one installed.  No point when we have hands! :)  We have one in our current house for the past 8 yrs and never used it once!
Thats additional storage for us!

Toilet bowl in. Check.

Laundry sink in. - check.

Broken plaster - done to get the plumbing in - check.
( I would have thot they cut in and not smash it?)

Showers in - check.
Hope there is more progress to see in the next week!

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