Sunday, February 13, 2011

Current Home for Sale - sad to see it go....

Having started our 1st home and lived for most of the time here in Australia, this is our humble abode.

We are upgrading but would love to keep this home as it serves us well. ( not served because it still is serving us well now)

Which makes it kind of sad, here is our kitchen. We are hoping that a lovely family take this over and make sure its well taken care of. 

Here is our rumpus room - which is the games room. A very handy spare room to have!

Our dining area - Dave has landscaped the side garden with a vege patch consisting of a few herbs and includes a nectarine tree. What you can see is the swainy bamboo with a little Japanese Garden concept outside.

our bed room.

Daniel's bedroom. The other bedroom is simialr in size but decided not to post up. too many pics!

The side and back yard is really nice for the dogs to run around and for Daniel to spend time in.

Alas, this home is for sale, and pray that the family who buys this will treat it with the same care we did.

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