Monday, March 26, 2012

Not a pleasent update - wrong concrete colours being dismissed

This on-going saga with Simonds is driving me mad!  Simonds have given me the wrong colour sealant and claimed that they have fufiled their contract. 

Driveway in wrong colour

Driveway - right colour

My intial driveway was done in the right colour - which is desert sand. ( orange in colour)
It peeled after 3 months and Simonds had to reseal it - this time, they gave us a whitish cream colour. We emailed them with many pictures and colour swabs from the internet and despite these many attempts to rectified it, we have been ignored.

Receipt given to us to prove that they have given us the right colour
 Here is the receipt given to us stating that the right colour is given - whatever that is on the invoice does not prove much especailly I have no ABN number and cannot trace this company on yellow pages.  Simonds has to provide the colour sold to us at the Simonds Gallery and this did not happen. As far as I know - this is deceptive advertising if it really is the case.

i cannot even match the product used as I had concrete done on other parts of the land and needed to know what product / brand is used.

So far, every brand that I have researched has shown the colour to be brown / orange, it is sad that this blog has to be turned into another Simonds saga.

There are also many cases in the house when tradesman had came to fix items only to change colours on there because the stain on the items weren't right.

Go to product and you will see for yourself the plight of other people who built with Simonds. 

All we want is to quickly resolve this issue.  Any suggestions would be helpful.
Thank you.


  1. Hi there...I understand you like the before colour but from the 2 pictures the first picture really looks nice too. The current driveway colour goes with the front facade render. Having said that Simonds should ideally fix this to what you want. Best of luck ...


  2. Thanks AA, it looks cleaner but its really reflective in bright sunlight, thanks for your well-wishes- will keep posted! :)