Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Taking a "Sticky" beat

Here are photos from the inspection conducted on Thurs, 4th August @ 7.45am.
The house is now taking shape and the second storey frame is now up!

And now, it is pretty obvious that this will be our frontage of the house.

This is the front window ( from inside)

Wet and muddy, but happening still, is our meals / family room area and the sliding door leading out to the alfresco.

Nothing much cooking in our kitchen at the moment.

Daniel's Room To Be!!

That is the back of our house; the theatre room windows that will overlook the backyard.

And still in the theatre room, this is the side window overlooking the alfresco.

My Cloak Room! ( you can tell how much I adore this room!)

And before the final drive off today, I took a side view of our new home! Its looking good!!

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