Sunday, May 16, 2010

revival of a lost dream...

We're back in business... a little wiser of course!!

After the last blog, we decided to close shop on the Amberlea and build a single storey home... We spent the whole of last weekend looking at selected houses that we are after and came to fall in love with a house from Carslile Homes. The Atlantique 36 MK2 was beautful - it had a rumpus that you can look out to from the kitchen to keep on eye on the kids and an alfresco in the middle the house to break the same floor plan style to keep the house in one block.

We spoke with the sales staff and found out that if we got a site start in Aug- our $4,000 worth of extras would be free! That included caserstone benchtops in the kitchen as well as in the ensuite and toilets!!!! We need not pay extra for exhaust fans - they came with the house- for Simonds, we had too. The Spa bath that we had to pay extra from Simonds were given free from Carlisle Homes too - and the styles of the kitchen looked great -and we also need not pay if we go with them - whilst with Simonds, we had to pay for the extra top cabinents. It was great to know there are so many perks and I was ready to jump - we would save almost $50k in costs building single. This though, made us think if its worth it, in the end, Carlisle didnt provide the tiling for the alfresco area which we found strange.

Also, the model we liked did not have enough linen storage and we had to extend the house and place the extra storage in the lounge/ study which was really what we wanted.

We couldnt find a spot to put our pool table too and if we could do that in our currrent 17 square home, we couldnt do it in a 37 square home?

The main thing that was a big headache was that - the back was closed off - and the only way to get to the backyard was through the alfresco. And if we were to watch the kid play and run after him in the backyard - it will be really tough. We had 13 metres of backyard and we wanted to be able to access this easier. So after much discussion, and a very generous mom!! we decded to stick to the original plan and build with Simonds!

So guys, watch this space, like I said, we are back in business!

I must say that if I were to go single, I would really have loved the Atlantique! - take a look and you will find out why.

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  1. We have come across your blog through HomeOne forum. You guys are sure going through a roller coaster ride. Best of luck with your home.